What Is The Importance Of A 360 Digital Marketing Strategy? |

Social Media

Social media marketing affords you the chance to build a community with your consumers owing to its casual and personal nature, connects you to your prospective clients and assists you stay up to date with consumer trends.

Social media is a crucial avenue to ensuring that this 360 approach is satisfied because this introduces a potential gateway to a far larger market and thus, the audience overall. Statics from Sprout Social show the significance of Instagram, for instance, saying that ‘Instagram continues to appeal to a younger audience with 72% of teens saying that they utilise the platform’.

Thus, your company is only going to benefit through introducing a focus on implementing social media marketing, playing a fundamental role in informing this overall marketing strategy.

The way that takes place is likely to come in the form of a social media manager, who probably has experience in gauging markets through looking at other businesses as well as drafting an analysis report on how best to compete against these. For instance, statistics by Wyzol make the suggestion that 87% of video marketers say video has increased traffic to their website. By putting together content that can be posted on stories which can be rotated daily, these managers will have the ability to drive traffic towards your main website as well as promote your goods and services utilising formats that they deem attractive to usurp the market.

Thus, hiring these managers – in line with an SEO professional – is a phenomenal way to gauge two different possible areas of attracting consumers towards your business. For instance, your SEO professional may promote social media content while the manager is able to devote a lot of time working with the SEO professional in order to target the best way to engage first time users, and thus, drive traffic towards your business website.

PPC Advertising

Pay per-click advertising is a model through which a company pays a publisher every time someone clicks on their advert. This helps with increasing brand awareness rapidly, leads more people to your website and helps gain new customers.

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