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A professional Engineer that can bring you a fresh insight into your businesses plus create a stunning website coupled with an effective internet marketing strategy.

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Consultant Services

Help you achieve your strategic business goals and bring a fresh perspective to your current business situation on many levels. Advise on a new direction your company or organization would like to take, bringing to bear over 30 years of practical experience. Running my own Wedding Planning Business had helped me to master the need and the required skills to implement successfully a sound Internet Marketing Strategy in such a competitive field.

PC Consulting Asia Co.,LTD
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Neil Donkin
Neil Donkin

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

Paul from PC Consulting is the go to man. After years of struggling with my website, trying to get done what was needed, in only a few days Paul had it all worked out, google maps, ratings, my bio rewritten the whole website cleaned up and operating as it should. He has helped me generate more traffic to my site, which equals more enquiries. He replies to emails and messages straight away, not days later, he now has my website at number one, and yet he still continues to help and guide me on improving it. I only wish I had discovered Paul earlier, thank you for your help and support.

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Let Me Build Your Website

With an Internet Marketing Strategy in support. I am very competitive and I will include the first months' support for free.  If you already have a business website, I can using all the latest SEO and Website optimization techniques, review and implement agreed improvements and optimizations to drive more customers to your business.


Welcome to PC Consulting Asia


I am Paul Cunliffe a Phuket Engineering Consultant. I have lived and worked in Phuket full time since retiring from the Royal Air Force in 2008 as a Squadron Leader Engineer. A Chartered Engineer since 2002, I also completed my MBA in the UK in 2006.

Throughout my 23 years in the Royal Air Force, I received outstanding training plus the opportunity to implement and practice these skills in many different types of environments, with practical experience of many different roles in many different cultures. I have continued to apply these skills and competences in Asia.

During my time in Phuket, I have been involved in Diving Chamber Engineering Maintenance and Diving Patient care during Decompression Illness. In parallel, I worked for 1 year has an Executive Officer for a Finance & Property Company CEO. This was quickly followed in 2015 with a similar role on the other side of the World, as the Executive Officer to the CEO for Medical Hyperbarics Inc until July 2016.

Small Business Website Support

I also have a growing number of small business owners as Clients, who require regular updates and maintenance services for their Business Websites. My Service includes an initial review of their websites followed by the implementation of the latest website optimization techniques. This invariably brings immediate improvements in all technical and business metrics with the associated increase in website traffic and more customer leads.

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Website Maintenance with Support

Combined with the latest website optimization techniques we can agree together a support level that fits in with your company’s size and budget. Contact me and we can discuss details.

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Phuket Engineering Consultant

Currently, I am still an engineering consultant for Medical Hyperbarics Inc for SSS Recompression Chamber in Phuket


Phuket Wedding Professional

I also manage and run a prestigious event planning services company in and around Phuket. Unique Phuket Wedding Planners ( is now successfully established and along with Wedding Celebrant Services provided ( by me as an experienced Wedding Celebrant. The Wedding Planning business is supported by my talented partner Khun Supparin of Phuket Flowers by Toom (

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Consultancy Support & Services Offered

I can help you achieve your strategic business goals and bring a fresh perspective to your current business situation on many levels. Advise on a new direction your company or organization would like to take, bringing to bear over 30 years of practical experience.

I am available for short-term consulting opportunities or per-arranged longer-term commitments on management & engineering issues.  I have developed my skills in Internet Marketing Strategy, Website and Social Media design & implementation adding an updated extra dimension to my current skills set. If you are looking for a Phuket Engineering & IT Consultant, please contact me (details are below) for a no-obligation discussion and we can discuss possible future support opportunities together.



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