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Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Accounts
I will create or review existing social media accounts. Ensure that they follow the guidance on the least best practices, plus maintain them this way.
Monthly Reporting
At the start, I will document your current social media exposure and each month send reports to show the the changes or your marketing campaign. I will be in touch with you at least once a month , just to ensure your expectations are being met.
Content Creation
I will create enough content, curate suitable industry post and of course post your content to ensure that you posting reaches the recommend levels for the social media channel being managed.
Automate Repeating Tasks
After reviewing your accounts, I will suggest suitable automations, to improve the efficiency of your social media marketing effort.
Community leadership and participation (both online and offline) are integral to your business’s success. An essential component is communicating the company’s brand in a positive, authentic way that will attract today’s modern, hyper-connected buyers..

Social Media Management Plans

These are discreet Social Media Management plans designed to  help and support your existing Internet Marketing function or for a new business just starting out.


One Social Media Account
Content Creation
Full Account Management

$ 500

Five Social Media Accounts
Content Creation
Full Account Management

Business Social Media Marketing Strategy

Pc Consulting Asia S Media
If you are looking to fully outsource your business social media marketing strategy, then I can help. Details on clicking the above image.

These support tiers are a guide and we can design & tailor a support package that suits your Brand and Budget. There are some many ways to effectively promote your brand online , and we can find together the optimal solution

Please contact and talk with me with a free consultation to discuss YOUR ideal support tier?

My Social Media Internet Marketing Strategy outlines all the social media and marketing tasks that could be started and these tasks will be  encompass the lessons learned from running my own company, training and my experience in Phuket over the last 5 years. It is quite comprehensive but if all these systems are implemented and set up, the benefits will be substantial in savings on cost over time by having substantial business data when making future decisions. I have suggested metrics to measure the performance of this strategy so you have some indication quickly on the return of your investment. For completeness, I have also outlined tasks that would be useful for the future, to enhance and improve customer engagement and hopefully to continue the continued increase in customer leads & conversions.

To be your dedicated Social Media Manager and implement a complete Social Strategy start from:

$1,000 USD per month