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15 Talking Prompts/Topics For Live Videos

So, you’ve decided that you want to start doing more live videos in 2021. The only problem is…you don’t know what to talk about when you go live. How can you be entertaining or engaging for your followers when you don’t actually have anything interesting to say?

Don’t stress about it. You have plenty to say — and a lot of it is more relevant to your social media presence than you might think. After all, a big part of being on social media (even as a business) is being personable and relatable. Always remember that people are on social media to socialize, not to be bombarded with advertising. If you want to gain a following and establish your brand, you need to be interesting in a more human way. Sometimes that means letting your followers get to know you and your team.

Now, don’t make the mistake of thinking this means what you post to social media should be irrelevant to your brand — that’s not the case at all! Instead, find subtle ways to tie even the friendliest, most conversational talking points back to what your business does.

Need some prompts or topics you can talk about? Here are some suggestions (along with ways you can tie the talking point back into your business):

Let me demonstrate my product: This one’s obviously related to your business, and it’s an easy prompt that you might have done already. But there are ways of making it more interesting. If you have a new product that you’re launching (or an evergreen favorite that most of your customers already recognize), talk about what you as the business owner love about it. Bring some of your team members in to share their perspective too.

Why I went into this industry: Did you always want to go into this industry? Or was there a lightbulb moment when you realized it was your calling? Maybe it was a gradual process of discovery. Give your followers the full run-down and explain why you see your industry as important.

A memorable customer I have served: You don’t even have to give names or provide specific details. It doesn’t even have to be a customer who was pleasant from the start — maybe they had a problem and you found a way to help them solve it. Remember to keep the story focused on the positive even if the experience was stressful in the moment — the message should be about how you care about meeting the needs of each and every customer.

What I thought I wanted to be when I grew up: This is a variation on “why I went into this industry.” Talk about your dream job as a little kid, and what similarities and differences are there between that job and the one you eventually pursued. Maybe the two jobs are a lot more alike than you realized!

This is what motivates me: Some days are harder than others. When you have days that are especially rough, how do you manage to get yourself going? Is there anything that gets you down?

Current events or trending topics: Is there a hot topic in the news these days that is relevant to your industry? Give your followers some fresh perspective on how it affects your business. Just be careful about discussing anything too controversial.

Interview with a team member: Bring in one of your team members and ask them a few of the aforementioned questions, such as why they were drawn to this industry or what motivates them.

This is a charity we support: Is there a good cause that your business gives time or money to? Let your followers know why this is something that’s important and how they too can get involved.

If I could invite any celebrity or historical figure to dinner: Talk about what famous person’s brain you’d like to pick. It doesn’t even have to be somebody who is related to your industry, but be sure to explain why this person is so impressive to you. Do you admire their creativity or their stick-to-itiveness? Maybe you admire the way they overcame hardship. What you admire in another person shapes what kind of business leader you are.

Best book I read recently: The characters in your book might be very different from you, but they probably have some similarities too. Talk about what ideas the book sparked in you and why its message resonated.

Biggest professional mistake I’ve ever made: Sometimes we don’t want to admit we messed up, but this is one time where it’s okay to tell people about an error. Share what you learned from the experience and how it has shaped your professional perspective going forward.

10 interesting facts about me: This is always a fun one. Coming up with 10 facts can sometimes be harder than you expect, so don’t be afraid to include a mix of very obscure/strange facts and a few mainstream ones.

What advice would you give your teenage self: This could be general life advice or career advice. Either way, it reflects who you are as a business owner and a brand leader. Why do you think nobody ever shared this advice with you when you were a teen?

How do my hobbies make me better at my business: We pursue hobbies for fun, but they are also learning experiences for us. What skills do you develop by doing what you do in your spare time that come in handy when you’re working?

What TV show are you currently hooked on: Along the same lines as the best book you recently read, this prompt is a chance to talk about characters you relate to or creative ideas that come to you. 

Remember that as you’re livestreaming, followers might jump in with questions or comments — respond to them! That’s part of the fun of going live. And you never know where the conversation will go from there.

If you want more ideas on cultivating creative social media content, the team at Ann’s Social Media & Marketing can help. Reach out today by calling 443-679-4916 or emailing [email protected]

Ann Brennan

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