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World’s First Luxury ‘Space Lounge’ Will Float Above Earth On A Balloon - Corporate B2B Sales & Digital Marketing Agency in Cardiff covering UK

For some, living at the top of a skyscraper is the dream. Others dream bigger, higher.

Gravity-defying ambition often comes at an expense. Those with it might have to shell out US$125,000, which will entitle them to a trip to the edge of space via a vessel buoyed by a special hot air balloon.

Space Perspective, the American startup behind the SpaceBalloon and its capsule Neptune, has now offered a peek inside its otherworldly luxury lounge, which it claims to be the world’s first space lounge.

The first order of business? Eliminate all signs of the utilitarian interiors often associated with space travel. In their stead, Space Perspective is giving its lounge a cozy, dark aesthetic that draws focus to the inky, star-studded sky, only accentuated by mood lighting.

From their comfy lounge chairs, tourists are treated to 360-degree views of Earth and its surroundings through panoramic windows, and even the bathroom promises this wondrous vantage point.

Image via Space Perspective

The lavish experience includes a bar, food service, a telescope, and even Wi-Fi for travelers to live-stream their expedition.

Image via Space Perspective

The presence of house plants and herbs like lavender, basil, and rosemary calms the environment and alleviates all fears of flight. These can also be used as ingredients in food and cocktails.

Image via Space Perspective

Although the company touts the vessel as a “space balloon” and its lounge a “space lounge,” it’s worth noting that the high-altitude balloon will only float to the stratosphere, or the edge of space, where it will remain for two hours before returning to Earth.

The entire trip will take about six hours—far shorter than the usual space expeditions.

Image via Space Perspective

In the two hours up there, explorers are welcome to make a champagne toast with the other seven people, plus a pilot, on board.

It seems that some folks couldn’t wait soon enough for a chance to escape this planet via a balloon. The startup says tickets for its first year of availability, in 2024, have sold out. It is, however, accepting reservations for 2025 and later.


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