WordPress Theme Customization - Digital Marketing Agency in Miami, Florida

If you want us to take samples from a premade template then we will, but we love to create our unique customized themes.

A responsive web design means that your website will be 100% supported on every device or platform. The goal is to create something that fits 100% original in mobile phones, tablets and every other device using the internet.

Yes, our customized themes are fully supported on mobile and every other device. We guarantee a 100% responsive web design.

Yes, we can customize paid themes. As a matter of fact, we can customize every theme on the market. Not only the design but even its functionalities.

Our company is based on creating customized themes, but if you like to buy a theme for you and install it on your website then it is your choice and we respect it.

Yes, our designed theme for your website will be very compatible with search engine optimization (SEO). We have a team that will work on that after theme design is completed.

Yes, the WordPress themes we design and customize are always made using full coding from the beginning to the launch of the website.

We respond at a record time always. The maximum reply time is 4 hours from the time you write your email. Check your inbox anytime within this time to view our reply.

Yes, we can install WordPress themes on every host or server you like. We only need your hosting/server details and it will be ready in no time.

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