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Online advertising is one of the most important forms of marketing today. If you are not making yourself heard online then really you are going to miss out a huge amount of traffic. Online advertising refers to the use of websites and other online sites as advertising material. In other words, the ads on the internet. In online advertising, advertising messages appear on the screens of laptops, desktops, tablets, smart TVs and smartphones online. This type of advertising has been around for about twenty-five years since the Internet became popular.

Many people use the term internet advertising, web advertising, digital advertising instead of online advertising. So do not confuse with these words, they have the same meaning as online advertising.

The biggest advantage of online advertising is there are no geographical boundary limits. One can promote their brand with online advertising without any boundary limits.

Since the early 1990?s the size of online advertising has grown rapidly. In fact, today all the SME?s and MSME?s have emerged with online advertising.

Types of Online Advertising

When we talk about the different kinds of online advertising medium where advertisements can appear.

Different types of online advertising mediums are:

Text Ads

A text ad is a text with a hyperlink. If you click on the hyperlink, you will go to the website or landing page of an advertiser. Text ads usually appear in the text of blog posts.

However, they can also appear individually, i.e as text separate from the publication.

Display ads

Another popular form of online advertisement is to display advertising. This is also known as banner ads.

The display ads appear next to the content. In most cases, they contain promotional material about the site or article. These marketing graphics are placed on the website and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) to draw traffic towards the website or their landing page.

Graphical advertising can be very viable and offers you many ways to narrow your audience by selecting exactly the sites where your ads appear, or by directing your ads to a specific group through a graphical ad platform. In any case, make sure your image ads are as exclusive and attractive as possible, and always use high-quality images regardless of the result.

Banner Ads

Advertisers display prominent banners on a web page. Once they were very popular. We can always see them in web pages and applications.

However, they are very rare than they were before.

Online advertisers have used too many banners. In fact, they used them so often that they caused? banner blindness.”

The blindness of banners occurs when viewers are immune to banners.

In other words, when the audience mentally blocks banners.

I have already discussed Banner Ads. you can study about it in brief.

Native Ads

A native ad is a script that appears in an online publication. It seems like a part of an article. This is not the case. It’s a paid ad that the advertiser has placed.

The purpose of a native ad, as with any other ad, is to advertise a service or product.

Some advertisers discreetly turn off their native ads. In other words, you cannot tell if they are part of the text or an advertisement. You cannot know until you click on it.

In fact, many readers today complain that some text ads seem to be part of the blog. It’s smart, they say.

However, in most blogs, the native ad indicates that it is promotional material. For example, you can see the phrase “Message from the sponsor” before the announcement.

Video advertising

Today?s modern world consumer would prefer to watch online video advertising rather than any text ad. They mostly engage with entertainment piece of any media rather than any long text.

Online Advertising videos are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people realize that modern consumers prefer attractive and entertaining media instead of going through a poorly designed or well-written text wall. Social channels like YouTube are providing new opportunities for companies that want to be heard in new ways. Current trends suggest that video advertising will become more popular in the coming years.

As with screen advertising, your goal should be to produce a high-quality video. The more your content is well created, the more reliable your brand will be for your potential customers.

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is one of the most important forms of online advertising. With Social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram brands can get to know them better target audience for their product. When it comes to social media advertising, Facebook is known as the better social media platform to promote any brand. New development in different social media means social media marketing is going to change significantly in the coming years.

Email Ads

Email ads appear as text, display ads, or native ads in emails.

For the advertiser, direct communication with people is very useful. For example, e-mail advertising is one of the most effective advertising methods available.

According to Wikipedia:

“Online advertising is a form of marketing and advertising that the Internet uses to convey advertising messages to consumers.”

“These include email marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing, many types of graphic advertising and mobile advertising.”

?Affiliate Link

A partner link is a specific URL that contains the user name or the partner ID. Advertisers use affiliate links to record the traffic an ad campaign sends to the advertiser’s website. All this is part of a “partner program”.

In affiliate marketing, the advertiser recruits affiliates to sell their products or services online.

When you register on a provider’s website, the provider sends you a specific link to your website. Next, place this link on your website. When visitors to your site click the ad, they’re redirected to the advertiser’s website.

As a partner, you receive a commission. Your commission can be a function of the number of references or sales. In other words, how many people have you sent or how many orders are the advertiser making based on his references?

In-App Ads

In-app ads are perfect for targeting a specific audience to download your app. They offer advanced alignment options, such as: For example, targeting regions that allow you to customize your content based on location or another. They are more attractive and more visible in terms of user experience.

90% of time user spends browsing the internet through a mobile device which adds an advantage to go with In-App Ads




Internet advertising companies like Google can serve ads based on search results, email content, and many other factors. By being able to target specific customers, companies can increase their productivity by ensuring that their ads are displayed to people interested in their products.

I hope you have understood the concept of online advertising. If you have still any doubt then you can comment in the below section.

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