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If you see the past trends, the one form of content which has dominated and shaped the last decade is none other than online videos and video marketing.

 Over the last few years, the video has become the go-to format to share news, generate business interest, drive sales, educate, entertain, and much more. With increasing emphasis on digitization and the convenience of creating videos with algorithmic support of multiple social media marketing channels, online video is witnessing a global rise.

As brands and businesses differ from each other in numerous ways and cater to a different set of audiences, each brand requires different types of videos to market themselves. So check out the most trending video marketing content below or reach out to Buffalo Soldiers to make this happen for you!

 The following are 12 trending types of videos that cater to all types of brands to be implemented in 2020.

Demo Videos

Demo videos showcase the procedure to use a product or a service. It is very helpful for businesses that deal with indirect consumer products. It can be in the form of unboxing, testing the product to use, and taking viewers on the tour to understand the product.

 Buffalo Soldiers TIP – Don’t just try to sell your product but make it worth buying for your target customers.

Brand Videos

Brand videos are created as a part of the advertising campaign to highlight the vision, mission, products, and services which a particular brand offers. Such videos are eye-catchy and attractive in order to attract new customers and enhance the customer satisfaction of existing customers.

Event Videos

It is a good advertising strategy used by businesses to promote maximum participation by the public in events sponsored by them. It is also used to create buzz before the event to create excitement among target customers and to increase the visibility of their brand.

Expert Interviews

Recording interviews with your industry experts on issues related to your business and showing them to your target audience helps to build their trust and confidence in your brand and helps you achieve higher customer satisfaction.

Buffalo Soldiers TIP – Try your hands to make expert videos worth watching and don’t worry, we at Buffalo Soldiers are ready to help you!

Educational videos are based on instruction. It is a good way to enhance your customer knowledge and helps them understand new concepts easily.

These videos are generally used to explain the complex products and services of a brand which it caters to its customers. However, it is also a good source of training for employees to improve their performance.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos take the customers on a frictional journey which helps them to understand how products of a particular brand can solve their problems and convinces them to take action. These videos help to improve the conversion rate by creating a direct impact on prospective customers.

Buffalo Soldiers TIP – Make these explainer videos engaging and interactive. As no one likes watching boring lectures.

Animated Videos

Animated videos are a great way to explain complex brand-related concepts to target audience easily with the help of visuals and funny characters. It creates an impact on the viewers and remains present in their subconscious mindset.

Customer Testimonial Videos

Customer feedback and review plays a crucial role in building trust, loyalty, and confidence by all prospective customers towards a brand. It helps to prevent insecurity towards a brand and highlights how a particular product of a brand can solve their problem and showcase its features.

Live Videos

Live videos are very popular among all types of audiences as it gives a special and behind the scenes view of your brand to the customers.

 It gives them an opportunity to interact one to one with brand officials and ask their questions directly. It also leads to high engagement rates and longer streaming.

 So come online on social media and make the best use of Facebook and Instagram live options this quarantine season.

360°& Virtual Reality Videos

360° videos are a stunning and captivating way for brands to share immersive stories, places, and experiences with the viewers. These virtual reality videos give a real-life experience to the viewers and provide an amazing brand experience which focuses their attention and generate sales.

Augmented Reality (AR) Videos

This is a new technology developed recently which helps add a digital layer to everything that you are watching currently. It helps the customer to understand how things like sofa would look in their living room by having a virtual view of the same in their electronic devices. This technology is very helpful while making online purchases of big and bulky items.

 To understand this better, check out the IKEA Place app which is a good example of AR technology.

Personalized Message Videos

Videos are a very creative way to take forward any discussion or to continue a conversation via text or email. It gives a personalized touch to every conversation and gives a delightful and unique moment to prospective customers and drives them further to make a purchase.

These are the 12 most popular types of videos that are trending in 2020. And if you have not tried these types of videos yet to highlight your brand, let’s get started. Because video marketing is no longer the future of marketing, but it is our PRESENT. So don’t waste any more time and use these techniques to create a big impact on your brands.

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