Twitter Teases ‘Heads Up’ Feature To Alert You When The Trolling Gets Too Much - Corporate B2B Sales & Digital Marketing Agency in Cardiff covering UK

Image via Primakov / Shutterstock.com

Twitter developers have been pretty busy lately, with the introduction of a whole slew of new features, some of which include Super Follows and Tip Jar.

Now, it’s trialing yet another feature, which will warn users to back away from heated online debates that could take a toll on their mental health. Aptly named ‘Heads Up’, a popup screen will appear when a user begins replying to a thread that the algorithm considers “intense.”

The message also tells users that facts matter, differing perspectives have value, and that everyone should “remember the human” on the end of the other screen. If you’re still keen on joining the discussion, simply indicate “Count Me In” to continue.

It’s still unclear how exactly Twitter will know which conversations are too “intense.” When asked about Heads Up, Christine Su, the company’s lead of conversational safety, said that it would be looking at a conversation’s “vibes.”

Additionally, the social media platform will also be rolling out ‘Word Filters’, allowing users to mute selected words, phrases, or topics from appearing on their timelines.

Plus, there’ll be a feature that allows you to quietly remove yourself from conversations you’d rather not be in, without the other party knowing you’ve left.

All these features are still in beta, and just as many others in the past, may not make it to the actual app in the end. Still, those who’ve been part of an unpleasant Twitter debate may appreciate the reminder to stay away from others or remove themselves when things get rough.


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