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Tosca Musk, Elon’s Sister, Owns An Erotic Streaming Service Called ‘Passionflix’ - Corporate B2B Sales & Digital Marketing Agency in Cardiff covering UK

Screenshot via Passionflix

By day, consumers lap up the contentious Twitter musings of Elon Musk. By night, some curl up to the steamy flicks distributed by the streaming platform Passionflix, owned by the SpaceX founder’s baby sister Tosca.

In a sea of streaming services conquered by Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, and HBO Max, Passionflix brings in a touch of blush. Differing from the playbooks of industry leaders—whose assortments aim to please all audiences—Passionflix is an exclusive source for romantic and erotic entertainment, with a focus on sexy fan fiction; and more specifically, adaptations of romance novels.

Image via Spacexforanewlife / Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 4.0)

The platform has been pretty much under the radar since its founding in September 2017. It’s hush-hush, but don’t mistake that for passivity—it’s coyer than anything: Passionflix is available in 150 countries and its offerings are subtitled in nine languages, according to a profile by the New York Times. Plus, it raised almost US$22 million in early funding.

Subscriptions go for US$5.99 a month, and programs are sorted into categories of varying naughtiness. There’s ‘Oh So Vanilla’, ‘Mildly Titillating’, ‘Passion & Romance’, ‘Toe Curling Yumminess’, and ‘NSFW’.

It’s worth stressing that they don’t feature frontal nudity below the waist and aren’t pornographic. Rather, the Times describes Passionflix as “a sexy Hallmark Channel.”

Screenshot via Passionflix

Fan fiction is a key driver of Passionflix, but it also hosts licensed material like 2013’s Random Encounters, starring Meghan Markle; and 2014’s Two Night Stand.

One of Passionflix’s investors is Tosca Musk’s brother Kimbal. It remains unclear if the most famous Musk sibling—also the world’s richest man—has backed the project.

Tosca Musk, 47, is keeping this a secret, telling the Times that an acknowledgment would distract people from Passionflix’s value, and denial would suggest that her brother doesn’t support her.


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