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This naturally blue soda isn’t just fun to look at or mix into a drink. It’s tons more nutrient-rich than an average can of soda and is even carbon-negative.

Ful is the name of the drink, and it’s created by a Dutch firm “determined to unlock the incredible power of microalgae.” Its main ingredient, spirulina, is the culprit behind its eye-catching appearance. 

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The blue-green algae, recognized by some as a great nutritional supplement, is high in iron, calcium, and vitamin C, among others, as well as containing antioxidants like chlorophyll. But it hasn’t quite hit the mainstream yet. 

Part of its growing process, as reported by The Optimist Daily, involves the absorption of carbon dioxide. And it doesn’t require pesticides, fertilizer, or freshwater the way most crops do.


Image via Ful

Julia Streuli, one of the firm’s co-founders, tells the publication that due to the better-tasting parts of the crop being extracted, the taste is just slightly salty and really “quite pleasant, and it pairs very well with other flavors.” 

It’ll certainly be a conversation starter when mixing up homemade cocktails.

The brewery making the beverages produces food-grade CO2 in the process, which is then captured and fed back to the growing algae. “Then you have this really wonderful closed-loop system that could be highly localized, but also scalable all over the world, using existing infrastructure,” Streuli explains.

The Grocer reports that Ful is now being introduced in the UK, retailing at places like fitness studios, restaurants, and grocery stores that are focused on health and sustainability. 

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