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SpaceX Announces The First-Ever Commercial Spacewalk, Planned For This Year - Corporate B2B Sales & Digital Marketing Agency in Cardiff covering UK

SpaceX could soon be adding to its accolade of launching the world’s all-civilian spaceflight, with Inspiration4 leader Jared Isaacman revealing a new Polaris Program that will include three more flights.

According to the Washington Post, the first flight—Polaris Dawn—has been scheduled for the end of the year, and could possibly see the first-ever commercial spacewalk. 

Futurism reported that apart from embarking on the first commercial spacewalk, the team onboard the spacecraft will aim to reach the highest orbit yet at 310 miles above the Earth.

The crew will be tasked with conducting health research experiments and testing Starlink’s laser-based communication systems up in space.

Isaacman will once again feature as the mission’s commander, and be joined by fellow Inspiration4 crewmate Scott Poteet as the pilot, as per TechCrunch.

Rounding up the team are SpaceX’s lead operations engineers Sarah Gillis and Anna Menon, who, interestingly, could reach space before her NASA astronaut husband does. 

However, the mission could face some hiccups, with the crew subject to many obstacles before they’ll be able to blast off.

This includes developing the spacesuits needed for the spacewalk, with the group not having decided how many of its members will take part. 

Thankfully, SpaceX founder Elon Musk has hinted at possible upgrades for the mission, previously tweeting that the Dragon spacecraft “will have a food warmer and free Wi-Fi next time.” 

Could this mission add to the rise in popularity of commercial space travel with the additional option of in-space activities?

While the goal may seem lofty, if it goes ahead without a hitch, more companies could jump in at the opportunity to propel space tourism into the mainstream.


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