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Marketing online and offline is changing every day. It is next to impossible to keep up with changes to social media, content marketing, website interactivity, landing pages, SEO, pay per click advertising and video marketing. If you are like most people you are confused by all the choices with media and marketing today. The below infographic will give you a great look at your choices and will hopefully help clear up some of the website marketing and social media questions that you have. As the chart shows there isn’t a single answer for your social media and website/online marketing questions. Great online media campaigns today work as integrated and interactive tools with your website and other media.

Click on the image below to make it larger. Notice the pros and cons of each online marketing vehicle.

A friend and colleague of mine, David McBee, shared this infograph with me. I love how he used Infographic Strategies to simply tell a complex story about online marketing options.

Other important elements of Social Media Marketing

Integrating social media into your website design and strategy is one of the hottest trends in online marketing. In many industries social media is no longer an option, it is absolutely necessary. Depending on your industry and the type of business you operate you may already have a presence on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or any number of other social sites. Integrating those efforts into your company website is relatively simple and of paramount importance to your marketing strategy.

The simplest approach to social media integration is just to link your social media sites to your own website. This is quick and very inexpensive to do. More advanced integration techniques include page specific links, interactive tools specific to social media platform and site-specific content. You can integrate specific social media accounts as well into your website design and strategy. The key is to maximize your return on the traffic you receive both from your site and the social media outlets you choose to use. The return on investment you receive will most often come in the leads provided by social media marketing, which tend to be highly valuable due to the quality of those leads and the limited costs involved. Your website can maximize that return by capturing quality customer data and aiding the follow-up efforts of your sales and marketing staff.

Another important area is the integration of your site with your Social Media accounts. All your Social Media accounts should be integrated. When you post on one Social Media platform that information should be shared across all other Social Media Channels.

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