MultiBrief: 5 digital marketing strategies to plan as the pandemic begins to shift

As a digital/social media marketer, you may have had to get used to scaling back profit expectations for your brand in 2020. Yet as we look ahead to 2021, with COVID-19 vaccines on the horizon, it's time to start proactively planning campaigns, launches and revenue growth — and feel some much-needed optimism.

A stat to get you started is that 57% of surveyed small business owners say that they are optimistic or extremely optimistic about the future of their businesses, according to the 2020 Facebook Small Business Report. So, there are customers out there who will be eager to purchase your products and services, and partners waiting to work with you. What steps can you take now to facilitate this as soon as we move into safer times? Try these five clear, concise steps:

Up your livestream game.

Data from eMarketer estimates that there will be an average of 151.5 million monthly live video viewers in 2021, which is 15.1 million higher a number than projected before the pandemic began. Start brainstorming ways your brand can offer an exciting, compelling feed showcasing the products you really want to push to the forefront in the coming months.

Focus on items that lagged sales-wise during COVID-19, but that you feel can make a healthy rebound with consumers. Ask your consumer tribes and influencers to participate in the creation of livestream concepts that they think will garner the right kind of attention so you get sales right out of the box.

Start priming your platform users for new launches.

According to research from ROI Revolution, 212.1 million social network users have made their presence known in in the U.S. this year, a number that's up 3.3% over 2019. Focus on earning their eyeballs and interest over all of your social platforms by creating grabby ad copy with vivid graphics. Also, tease exciting new products as soon as possible. The phrase "It's coming!" can be worth its weight in gold for consumers starved to spend disposable income as the economy starts to rebound post-pandemic.

Employ proper pacing.

Make sure that you don't jump the gun when it comes to heralding a return to "normal" life in your content and campaigns.

It's key to understand that we will be slowly returning to less restrictive circumstances during at least the first half of 2021, so it's key not to promote any jarring messages that imply the pandemic is completely over too quickly. Respect your consumers' need to tread slowly and carefully, especially if you are promoting leisure products they may not be able to use right away.

Be realistic about your pricing and profit expectations.

Yes, you most likely will move more product in 2021. No, that does not mean you should raise your product prices to help your bottom line along. Your customers will still be cautious, so be respectful of the fact that their finances will still be in flux to some extent, and give them great value for their money. Adjust your projections to reflect this reality.

Expect to keep pivoting.

All we really know about the course of the pandemic is that we can't fully predict the turns it will take. Resolve to stay flexible, as you have through most of 2020, and make nimble adjustments as needed. Plan now and move forward with confidence!

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