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Luxury Japanese NFT Restaurant & Club To Open In Real-World San Francisco - Corporate B2B Sales & Digital Marketing Agency in Cardiff covering UK

Tired of being relegated to chat servers on a site you bought some rainbow-colored ape? Shō Club could be the safe haven you were looking for. Having a non-fungible token is like being part of a not-so-secret club whose perks are only truly understood by the people within it.

Soon, all likeminded NFT enthusiasts will have an oasis to convene at in the form of an actual members’ club. 

The Shō Club, run by Shotaro “Sho” Kamio, features a restaurant inspired by “Japanese farmhouse” cooking styles on its main floor, while its second story serves up San Francisco fusion Japanese sushi, such as classic staples like California rolls and spicy tuna. 

The establishment has been in the works since September 2019, and it recently sprouted up from stealth mode.

To get into this exclusive space, you’ll have to—and if you haven’t guessed it by now—buy an NFT. From there, there are tiers that separate the different membership perks. You’ll be remiss to know that there is a finite number of club members that can take up the spots in Shō Club, which amount to a grand total of 3,265.

Named ‘Earth’, ‘Water’, and ‘Fire’, each tier holds its own spectrum of benefits that can only be accessed by paying a premium.

The ‘Earth’ level—the foundation of the scheme—has 2,678 spots for sale. It offers access to round-the-clock concierge services, exclusive dining options, and educational talks on the digital token landscape.

Next is ‘Water’, with 327 slots that await new members. It includes everything ‘Earth’ has access to, in addition to cars, monthly omakase dinners, and all quarterly membership events.

The uppermost tier, ‘Fire’, is only exclusive to 10 lucky members. ‘Fire’ comprises perks of ‘Earth’ and ‘Water’, plus an all-expense-paid trip to Japan and revenue-sharing.  

Just in case buying dinner and sitting in front of your computer chatting on the server wasn’t enough for you, the ‘Earth’ tier is going for US$7,000, the ‘Water’ tier at US$15,000, and the ‘Fire’ tier at US$300,000. 

John Sigel, the CEO of Shō Club, told Eater San Francisco that the club would be a space to welcome people with the same interests to come together and share insights. As of right now, the web is the primary meeting place for digital token wielders worldwide.

With Shō Club and other NFT clubs opening their doors, a new world where the physical and digital meet also unravels.

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