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Logitech Designs Zen ‘Lift Vertical’ Mouse That Feels As Natural As A Handshake - Corporate B2B Sales & Digital Marketing Agency in Cardiff covering UK

All that clicking during your self-administered, extended work hours at home can’t be good for your wrist. It’s necessary for your health and wellbeing to disconnect when it’s time to—but if you’re looking to bring all-day relief to your wrist, Logitech’s unique ergonomic computer mouse could provide the support you need.

The brand might be reputed for its ergonomic mouses (or mice?), but the new ‘Lift Vertical’ truly elevates the user experience. It’s tilted exactly at 57 degrees to poise your hand at a comfortable, more natural angle all day long, liberating it from the invisible weight of gravity.

With your wrist rested comfortably off the table, there’s no need for it to be supported by a mousepad. 

As Yanko Design notes, the Lift Vertical inherits several qualities from the 2018 MX Vertical, which was designed to mimic the ergonomics of a handshake. If the original was ever awkward, Logitech manages to make the follow-up less so by reducing the mouse’s size by 22%, ensuring an easier grip for small- and medium-sized hands.

Image via Logitech

In addition, the Lift Vertical comes in left-handed and right-handed options, a feature that its predecessor doesn’t provide.

The cherry on top is that these benefits haven’t led to a price hike. In fact, at US$69.99, the new Lift Vertical is much more affordable than the US$99.99 MX Vertical. CNET reports that Logitech is able to keep the computer mouse’s price low by giving it an AA battery that lasts a considerable two years, as opposed to using a reusable battery like the one inside the older version.

Image via Logitech

Elsewhere, the Lift Vertical stands out with its zen-like qualities, which include a ribbed material à la the texture of zen gardens for a meditative grip, all while preventing your hand from slipping. Meanwhile, the improved buttons and scroll wheel are silent and built more closely together.

Image via Logitech

Living up to its zen nature, the mouse gives back to the earth with a body partially constructed from post-consumer recycled plastic. There are three colors—rose, graphite, and off-white—with the latter variants consisting of as much as 70% and 54% upcycled plastic respectively. More details are available here.

Image via Logitech


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