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You put six months of your life into that police academy. We selected you because we know that you can do it you’ve trained for this. You have experience and community relations. You have a desire to help up and best of all, you have a great team behind you, plus I signed up for the opportunities, competitive salaries and a great benefit package. Yeah you’re right about that remember.

This is a career, not a job. Yes, sir. Let’s do this hi, I’m Sheriff Gary Hoffman and I would love to have you as a member of our team. If you think you can make the cut, if you think you can take on the challenge and if you think you can help us keep Queen Anne’s County, the safe county, fun county and great place to work, I want you to join our team and get your Application in, if you have what it takes visit Queen and sheriff morgue, and check our available opening today,

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