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If, as a personal injury lawyer, you’re hoping to conquer Google Ads and bring in a swarm of leads, get ready to be ultra-strategic in your approach.

Search terms like “car accident lawyer New York” or “Houston truck driver lawyer” are not only common; they’re likely to cost you hundreds of dollars per click.

Assuming you don’t have a bottomless advertising budget, how do you go about your Google Ads campaigns to keep cost-per-click down and qualified leads up?

Here are a few tips.

Be as specific as possible with your keywords

Most personal injury lawyers target the buyer-intent terms discussed above with Google Ads. Understandable, as they’re the ones that translate readily to revenue.

The problem is that when everyone targets the same keywords, they get awfully expensive.

In 2016, Search Engine Watch reported that 19 of Google’s top 25 most expensive keywords are related to personal injury law firms.

So, following the crowd is not the smartest strategy here. Can you really afford to pay $300 or $400 per click? Thought not…

By getting specific and focusing on longer tail keywords, you’ll reduce the cost-per-click.

So, rather than “personal injury lawyer Dallas”, think “best pedestrian accident lawyer in Dallas Texas”


While they may not generate the search traffic of the major terms, a few niche phrases combined can be a powerful marketing boost in terms of leads.

Bid on your own brand name

Don’t miss this one: bidding on your own brand name prevents competitors from muscling in on your turf – a common strategy in a competitive environment like personal injury law.

It’s cost-effective (usually under a couple of dollars per click) and often there is good buyer intent.

Make sure that you’re at the top of any sponsored ads for search terms involving your firm’s name:

Use ad extensions

How do you make your ads stand out from the rest?

Ad extensions can help.

These are little snippets of extra information that you can include in your Google Ads. They allow you to add information like:

This can increase the click-through and call rates from qualified leads.

In the following example for “car accident lawyer Chicago”, you see the first and third ads stand out a little more because they use ad extensions for location and web pages?


Focus on cost per case

As a personal injury lawyer, it can be tough to track return on investment from your ad campaigns.

You probably only get paid if you win the case and some cases take many months or even years.

You’re lucky if you even remember the original email or phone call from the client.

To accurately track this, you need Google Analytics working in sync with call tracking software (from Google, WordStream or CallRail).

You also need efficient practice management software to be clear on how each client has reached you and what happened to their case.

Google Ad spend must be factored into your Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC).

It varies greatly between niche areas; medical malpractice case CPCs may be much higher than car accident cases but the rewards (commissions) are also usually far greater.

Set a desired cost per acquistion and this will help you set budgets for Google Ad spend.

To do this, follow these three steps:

Need more info on running successful Google Ads campaigns? This article on Google AdWords for Lawyers will help.

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