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With Instagram’s chronological setups long being a thing of the past, users have been boosting their posts to others’ line of vision by tapping on the ‘share’ icon and displaying them on their Stories.

Apparently, members have been complaining about the double-posting, so Instagram is aiming to make its experience less annoying by possibly cutting the ability to share posts to Stories.

According to social media expert Matt Navarra, some users have been receiving an alert from Instagram stating that it is testing “a change to sharing to Stories,” and that the sharing feature will be disabled for them during this experiment.

What they can share, Social Media Today reports, are previews of IGTV videos, a fairly new format of content Instagram is trying to push.

Since Instagram prioritizes feed posts from users it thinks you’re more likely to engage with, the removal of double-sharing might be great news for many who have been speeding past certain users on their feeds but are forced to see those posts in the Stories feature.

However, it could be limiting for talented creators who sometimes have their work reshared by followers on their Stories.

instagram users: I wish people stopped sharing so many feed posts to their Stories

— Matt Navarra (@MattNavarra) January 29, 2021


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