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How to Use StoryBrand for a Website Homepage | Agency Boon | Digital Marketing Agency

Your website’s homepage is kind of like a shop window. At a glance, visitors should be able to quickly tell what kind of business you are and what they could expect if they come into your store.

A great website homepage will be enticing. It will help someone determine if you have the kinds of products or services that they are looking for.

Sounds simple… but how do you create a single page that accomplishes all that?

We will show you how to use StoryBrand methods to create an engaging homepage that pulls the right people in and gets them to dig deeper.

A Quick Recap of StoryBrand

Just to make sure we’re on the same page, let’s do a really quick high-level recap of what StoryBrand is. You start with your Brandscript — this is a document that outlines the hero’s journey with your brand.

The hero is your target customer. Their journey is all about overcoming obstacles. In the beginning, they have things they are facing that they need to conquer. Along the way, they meet you, and you have a plan for helping them.

They are faced with two choices.

Once you have that journey mapped out, it’s much easier to create your homepage for your website.

Now that we’re clear on what StoryBrand is and how it helps, let’s look at the 7 essential sections that you’ll want to include on your website homepage.

7 Essentials for a StoryBrand Homepage

Element 1: The Header

This is the first section that a visitor sees on the page. It has 3 very important questions that it must answer in 5 seconds or less.

For example, here’s a header section that we did for one of our clients.

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