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Com.Au, We know that if we personalise our marketing, we get Better results, Fortunately in Mailchimp, it’s incredibly simple to personalise Our email, marketing I’ll show you how we can insert the first name into an email. So in Mailchimp itself, I’m in the email marketing campaign builder I’m going to Click “ Edit design” and then wherever we have a text block, I can click to edit.

It Of course, I could have added a text block where I want my greeting I’ll put My cursor add my greeting, such as “ hi”, and I want to include the first name for Each recipient, so all I do is, I click the “ merge tags” button in the toolbar and Click “ first-name” and I might want to add a comma, So each recipient will now be Greeted with their own first name, I could also add that into the header For Example, I want “ Mailchimp training” space first name And that’s how simple it is.

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