Google Product Reviews Update Is Now Fully Rolled Out | Smarter Digital Marketing

The Product Reviews Update was first launched on April 8 and is now completely rolled out.

And the update is now part of the ranking system.

Google has always worked hard to only select and show the most relevant and helpful information for search queries. 

Most of what they do focuses heavily on improving user experience, and this new update was designed purely on that.

According to Google, through their own data, research, testing and experimenting, they know users prefer and appreciate reviews that provide in-depth research, rather than thin content.

What Is The Google Product Reviews Update?

The Product Reviews Update is going to help search engine crawlers identify and reward the more in-depth reviews and this is not a penalty against you.

It is going to favour and promote unique and in-depth product reviews in search engine rankings. 

Websites with single or lists of product reviews, services or even user-generated content reviews across various types of niches can and have been impacted by this new ranking factor.

If you have been negatively impacted and your rankings have dropped by this update, it’s important to identify your low-quality content and find the areas that need urgent attention.

To reverse the damage, focus on improving your poor quality reviews by producing well researched, original and insightful content.

However, making adjustments and updating the content will not give you immediate results. 

According to Danny Sullivan, you need to wait for a refresh to see any changes in your rankings, and the chances are you won’t know when that will be.

Moving Forward

All website owners who sell products and services need to make sure they stay ahead of the next refresh and make product reviews part of their SEO.

A quick summary of an item and its features is no longer enough when reviews are now a ranking factor.

While you should avoid thin content, it’s important to realise that your word count doesn’t have anything to do with it.

It’s about creating valuable content for people who read reviews to find specific details about a certain product.

So, focus on highlighting the characteristics and benefits of a product or service and always remember people read reviews to learn more, so make the content as helpful as possible.

You also need to use a clear structure, making each section valuable and easy to read whilst improving your website’s user experience. 

If you need help getting started, read Google’s questions below that were published in their announcement article for website owners.

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