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The Source/Medium report is a very useful report that tells you not just how users are interacting with your site, but also where they are coming from. This report can be found under Acquisitions > All Traffic > Source/Medium

Sources are the actual domains (ie. example.com) or search engines (ie. google) that are driving traffic to your website. Google helps by filling these in automatically. If you are running campaigns on different partner websites or domains, you should consider creating custom Source URLs using UTM tagging. 

This report is useful to determine which traffic sources are providing the best website visitors, because it also provides details on their average session duration and bounce rate. For example, if you are seeing a traffic source that is providing a lot of new visitors, you may consider partnering with similar websites/organizations to help drive even more visitors.

The All Pages Behaviour report, which can be found under Behaviour > Site Content > All Pages, shows the top pages where people interact with your site. This report is a great way to analyze which of your webpages are doing well, and which ones require further investigation. 

When you first arrive on the All Pages report, you can see the pages sorted by the top pageviews. This gives you a great idea of which pages you should pay the most attention to, and which ones you might be neglecting. You can also sort by unique pageviews, average time spent on page, entrances, bounce rate, percent of exits and page value. 

By sorting by the Entrance column, you can see which pages people most often land on first. This will likely be your home page. If not, it might be time to review the pages that are getting the most traffic, and see what you can do to replicate on other pages! 

Similarly, if you sort by the Bounce Rate column, you can see which pages have the highest bounce rate, or the pages where who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page. The average bounce rate varies depending on your industry, but it’s always good to compare to your historical records to see if your bounce rates have suddenly increased. 

There are a lot of things to look out for when it comes to your website’s health, but the All Pages report is a great place to see an overview of how the different pages are doing.

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