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Google Analytics is Being Retired - Mississauga Digital Marketing

Google Analytics (Universal Analytics) is coming to an end. Google has just announced that as of July 1st, 2023, it will stop working (won’t receive any more data from your website). This is unfortunate because it had a lot to offer over its replacement – GA4.  Previously, I had been advising clients to stick with Google Analytics as long as possible. However, with the imminent shutdown of Google Analytics, I’m now advising clients to switch to GA4 as soon as possible. The reason being that if you switch to GA as soon as possible you will be able to have one years’ worth of data in GA4 before Google Analytics is shut down. There currently is no facility to import your historical data from Google Analytics into GA4.

In addition, GA4 does not support the traditional conversion tracking you may have used in Google Analytics. In order to track form fills and purchases in GA4, you must also set up another Google Product: Google Tag Manager. Each time a desired action, like a form fill, or purchase is made on your site, Google Tag Manager will send an “Event” to GA4 which you can track. If you plan to track conversions you must setup both GA4 and Google Tag Manager and integrate the two.

I know this all may sound confusing, but thankfully, iGo Sales and Marketing is here to help you implement this major change.

iGo Sales and Marketing offers various services to help you transition from Google Analytics to GA4.

Frequently Asked Questions about Google Analytics Retirement:

Will data still be available after Google Analytics Shuts Down?

According to Google: After July 1, 2023, you’ll be able to access your previously processed data in your Universal Analytics property for at least six months.

Can I download my historical Google Analytics Data?

Apparently, yes.  However, it’s not easy or comprehensive.  You can download individual reports as a CSV or Spreadsheet.  You cannot download the entire accounts data at once.  See Google’s answer here:

Can I move my old GA Universal Analytics data to GA4?

No you cannot move your historical data over to the new GA4.

Will the move to GA4 affect my Google Ads conversion tracking?

Yes!  If you are relying on a “thank you” page or other method in Universal Analytics to track conversions, you’ll have to create conversion events such as form fills in the Google Tag Manager and then set them as conversion activities both in the new GA4 and Google Ads.

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