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Fake Socialite Anna Delvey To Hold Her First-Ever Solo Art Show While In Custody - Corporate B2B Sales & Digital Marketing Agency in Cardiff covering UK

Image via Anna Delvey

Anna Delvey, whose real name is Anna Sorokin, has built an image for herself in the art world, but not in the most classical way. Masquerading as a German heiress, the Russian-born scammer tricked high-flying individuals in New York into contributing to an ambitious arts center she was hoping to build. In total, she pilfered US$200,000 from associates who were led to believe she was a socialite with a US$67 million trust fund—even bagging an inspired Netflix series as a result.

Sorokin, whose illustrations are currently displayed at a dedicated exhibition alongside work from other artists impressed by her elaborate ruse, will have her first official solo show in April, as reported by news outlets including Page Six and Forbes.

The solo showcase will feature 15 to 20 pieces of art by Sorokin herself, drawn right from the ICE detention center she is being held in. Each artwork will be priced at US$10,000.

Sorokin is being represented by Chris Martine, the co-founder of Founders Art Club, which also represents Jean-Michel Basquiat forger Alfredo Martinez. Martine told Forbes that the upcoming exhibition will help tell Sorokin’s “side of the story” through art.

The illustrations are all created on sheets of 9 x 12-inch watercolor paper using pens and pencils, as these were the only materials Martine could hand over to the con artist-turned-artist without being stopped by corrections officers.

He describes her personal art style as a blend of “fashion sketches and satirical cartoons,” but notes her backstory as one of the factors that fascinate art appreciators and add value to her work.

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