Facebook Ads vs. Influencer Marketing l Digital Marketing Duels

Annika: Let me drop some facts for you! Influencer marketing is the way to go, Facebook ads? What are we dinosaurs? Influencer marketing is so impactful. It is the future of marketing because they actually have built-in buyer personas in their audience, they’ve already nurtured leads, warm, ready to convert. If you partner with an influencer you can have them convert faster than if you have to nurture them with tons and tons of ads. Everyone is sick of ads!

Steven: That’s a good point if you can track and measure influencer marketing. With Facebook ads, you can run ads, retarget and scale campaigns. You can spend thousands of dollars a day on advertising in a targeted manner and reach the right audience at the right time and retarget them as well. 

Annika: What do you mean you can’t track influencer marketing? Yeah.. if you’re not doing it right. Influencer marketing is easily trackable if you have affiliate codes. For example, if you put a code attached to their name you can actually track which sales are coming from which influencers and can actually feed more money into that influencer account, or audience. If you know how to market, you’re going to send them different Bitly links, different URLs, so that you can do the tracking internally. That’s how you maximize working with influencers and know it actually works.

Steven: You’re relying on these influencers to sell your product. They have to be genuine, know your product and all the pain points you have to sell it. Will it be effective? It’s a huge gamble, you have to spend thousands of dollars just to hopefully make some sales. Whereas with Facebook ads you can start small and gradually increase your budget over time instead of taking this huge chunk of money for influencers and hoping it gets sales.

Annika: Honestly, you can’t fly blind with an influencer. We all know that if we’ve actually done influencer marketing the right way. You have to do your digging, you have to do your research, ask them for their insights, you have to get all the data behind the account before you just hand over a ton of money. 

I think we can agree that both strategies are crucial for your marketing campaign. You need to have both Facebook ads and influencer marketing to run an effective campaign that is comprehensive and impactful.

In truth, both of these approaches will ultimately benefit your social media marketing campaign. An experienced marketing agency will know how to leverage both facebook advertising and influencer marketing to make your next campaign a success. If you are interested in learning more marketing insights from both of these experts at Giant Partners fill out the form below

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