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Quick Start Guide ArticleIf you’re an info marketer, small business owner or a service professional, then having a Quick-Start (QS) system is critical to accelerate the growth of your business.

For instance, as marketer who teaches how to get wealthy in the Domaining business, my first aim is to inspire, motivate and influence new students (customers) to get steeped into my QS system.

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Whenever one of my Domaining prospects converts into a paid Domaining student (and becomes a new member of my “tribe”), I bend over backwards to make sure they get my Protrada “Welcome” email sequence, punctuated with a world-class 12-page Quick-Start User Manual.

It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, your new customers (clients, patients, students, etc) need to be treated differently than your existing customers.  New customers require a special attention and a unique welcome message to your “tribe” to speed-up their comfort level with the culture of your business.

So the fastest, easiest and most reliable way to invite new customers to start the engagement process is to give them immediate access to your Quick-Start system you design exclusively for new customers and as a “refresher” for existing customers.

Here are 5 elements to add impact to any Quick-Start system:

1)  Simple: your QS must be easy to consume, whether it’s a video, audio or in the written word. Use pictures and icons to make it fun to consume.  Click here to see an example by Protrada.

2) Relevant: your QS must be relevant to your business and your customer path to consumer more of your products or services, without shamelessly promoting your other products and services (a.k.a. “smuggling”).

3) Clear: your QS must provide descriptions, examples and case studies with crystal clarity.  Make it crystal clear what you want them to do in small, relevant baby steps.

4) Informative: your QS is not a sales communication, it is a training communication. Your core task is to show your new customer how to utilize your product or service without requiring them to contact you with “more details.”

5) Complete: your QS must be all-encompassing.  Communications that promote your products or services can leave out key elements of your value proposition to inspire prospects to engage, but the purpose of your QS is to leave nothing out.

There you have it.

Utilize the 5 elements above to engage your new customers faster, better and with less human effort (on your part and theirs).  If you want to study a world-class QS, please review to the Domaining User Guide put out by Protrada.

If you want to experience the high ROI, low-RISK world of Domaining, take advantage of the Domaining special offer I’ve made special arrangements to secure for you.  You’ll be glad you did!

Please comment and share this post with any info marketer, small business owner or independent service professional who also wants to ignite more engagement out of their new customers.

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