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The global pandemic has accelerated online shopping. 2020 is posed to be a different year in terms of holiday shopping. Businesses will have to step up their online efforts in order to drive more sales. Following the trend is one of the best ways to keep your business afloat this holiday season. There are many e-commerce holiday season trends that are likely to have a drastic effect on online and overall sales this year.

Here are some e-commerce trends for the 2020 holiday season.

Due to the increase in online ordering and shipping, e-commerce returns are expected to increase. Businesses should update their websites and inform their prospective consumers regarding procedures and policies. This will help to deflect inquiries and give consumers peace of mind before they purchase your product. Also, businesses should update product descriptions, and visual designs of the graphics on their e-commerce websites to help their target market understand what they are buying and prevent surprises that results in returns. It is also important to test the process of refunding payments and handling return shipments before the holiday rush.

Majority of consumers wait for holiday sales before they purchase their gifts in advance. As early as October, there are many online sales for shoppers. Consumers prefer online sales as an effect of the pandemic. If you have a business online it is recommended to join holiday sales to attract more consumers to purchase your products.

85% of businesses believe that online sales will definitely increase this holiday season compared to previous years. Consumers these days prefer online shopping than going to the physical store. Online will be the best platform for the buyers to shop, compare prices, and read reviews of their fellow customers. According to Bazaar Voice Network, 61% of businesses expect higher purchasing through social media platforms because of the COVID-19.

According to a Bazaar Voice Network survey, July, August and September so far have a high rate of UGC interaction. UGC highlights that shoppers are engaged with customer reviews, photos, questions and answers as they search for their gift online. Businesses should consider their UGC strategy for the holiday season since purchasers look to this content prior to buying the product.

These are the e-commerce holiday trends for 2020 that businesses should keep in mind in order to stand out this coming holiday season. If you’ve never had the chance to upgrade your website, take this chance to boost your sales and marketing during the holidays in the time of Covid 19,  because many consumers prefer to purchase their needs and wants online. If you want your website to stand out this coming holiday season, iManila is equipped to help you make your website more appealing to your potential consumers. Visit us at www.imanila.ph to learn more.

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