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In this design tutorial, I show you how to make a YouTube banner with best size and dimensions for 2020 by using free custom templates! I also give you some YouTube banner ideas along with some of the best channel art examples!

Make a YouTube banner for free:
Free YouTube Banner Templates:

Make sure that you follow the safe zones so that your YouTube banner is not cropped on certain devices. Use the best YouTube Banner Size of 2560 x 1440 pixels and then design within your safe zone.

0:00 The Importance of a YouTube Banner
0:30 YouTube Channel Art Size & Dimensions
0:41 YouTube Channel Art Guidelines & Requirements
0:55 Customizable Free YouTube Banner Templates
1:21 Make Your YouTube Banner in Snappa
3:49 Save & Download YT Banner Image
4:11 Add Logo and Photo to Your Channel Art
5:45 Ideas & Examples for Header Image

Here are some blog posts we created to help you create the best possible YouTube header images.

YouTube Channel Art Dimensions:
YouTube Banner Ideas:

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