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Do It Yourself – Website Tutorials

Website shown in this video: http://www.formulaready.com

There is plenty step by step tutorial out there to teach you how to build your Shopify website. This video, I am going to focus more on the mindset aspect of how to build and design your Shopify website. A lot of people, when they start designing their website. Is to pick a fancy cool looking template, and start dragging and dropping. If this is your approach, you might end up losing a lot of time.

Personally, I think the most important part of building your website is to PLAN. Plan ahead of what content, what type of picture you want. How you will group, and lay them out on your website. After you get all that draft done, (the core part of the website). Then you are ready to move in the more fancy and aesthetic side of your website 🙂

If you are doing cross-platform, and selling on Amazon as well, this video will also touch on how to maximize your space in selling your product on Amazon. How to decide your listing’s photo the right way!

About Me:
My name is Sylvia Chan, and I am the founder and CEO of Formula Ready, a female entrepreneur, and an Amazon seller. I will use this channel to document my journey of entrepreneurship: my struggle, tips, and success.

Formula Ready is the world’s first smart kettle designed for formula feeding mamas. It keeps water in the perfect temperature for formula 24/7, so mom can make a perfect bottle within 30 seconds.


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