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Do It Yourself – Website Tutorials

These videos show you, how to build eCommerce website free
watch our free and easy step by step tutorial and learn about How To Build an eCommerce Website without any programming knowledge.
Please download your Website file here: https://bit.ly/3ifHlxD
Install Instructions:
First, you will need one domain and hosting. You can get a free domain and free hosting from the below link. Also, you can buy unlimited website hosting only for $0.90 cent for 1 year.
Free Domain & Hosting: https://bit.ly/3gdhbtr

1. Upload “files.zip” to the main folder and extract it.
2. Create a MySQL database and Import the database “database.sql” using phpMyadmin.
3. Open the “config.php”, “admin/config.php” and change the web server and database info (HTTP, DIR, DB).
4. Open PHPMyAdmin, Click on the database and change the website URL.
Installation is Done!
Admin URL: yourdomain.com/admin
Login: admin
Password: admin

General Settings:
System – settings -Edit

System – settings – Edit – Image

Extensions -Payments – PayPal Payments Standard – Edit

Click on Extensions – Modules – MarketShop Theme Control Panel

This site has multi-vendor extensions which you may disable
If you need any further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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