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Do It Yourself – Website Tutorials

Hey guys! I have started a new A-Z Blogging Series in which I will show you how to create a website/blog from scratch. This is the second video of this A-Z Blogging series.

Tutorial on how to design your blog. This video includes all the details needed to include the basic features within a blog or website.

Topics covered –
1. How to search and install WordPress Theme
2. How to add logo, title and tagline for your site
3. How to add the main menu to your site
4. How to add social sites to your site
5. How to add footer to your site
6. How to add a contact form
7. How to design your About Us Page
8. How to add disclaimer and privacy policy to your site
9. How to design your home page
10. How to add popups to your site
11. How to remove wordpress credits from your site

Let’s have a look at all these topics in detail.

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Thanks for watching!!! Hope you find it useful.

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