Digital marketing news for December 12, 2020

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For those who celebrate, we are a mere 13 days away from Christmas, which is absolutely mind-boggling.

So, 'tis the season for frantically refreshing tracking information on packages that haven't arrived yet... and for watching the timeless breaking-and-entering classic, Home Alone.

...yes, my Christmas "mantle" (booze bar/entertainment center) is adorable.

Typically, this yuletide tradition is one punctuated with joy and cursing the fact that I clearly missed out on the critical childhood milestone of physically abusing cat burglars after being abandoned by my parents for Europe.

But this year is an entirely different story. 

You see, I was today-years-old when I learned of the virtually bulletproof theory that Kevin's dad was in the mob

"Leave the child. Take the cannoli."

Think about it! When it comes to Kevin's dad, Peter — or should we say Don McAllister? 🤔 — they never talk about what he does for a living. He gets very defensive when Joe Pesci (dressed as a cop) asks if he owns his very expensive house. "The Wet Bandits" refer to the McAllister house as the "Silver Tuna," the big score in the neighborhood to rob.

Also, the fake Angels with Filthy Souls movie-within-a-movie is a little too on-the-nose with its tidy allusion to the nefarious mafia-related skeletons in the McAllister closet. And when Marv overheard what he thought was a shooting (which was just a scene from the movie), he thought a killing actually happened without a second thought. Like it was totally expected, albeit scary! 

Oh, then there's the fact that somehow Kevin's totally slimy uncle (who has also got to be "in the family") is able to afford to send... how many people to Paris for Christmas?

It doesn't add up! The mob is the only answer that makes sense!

What does this have to do with digital sales and marketing? Absolutely nothing. I'm sure I could find some way to loosely tie my "living under an internet rock" moment with the surprise of discovering you shouldn't rely on keyword research alone for your content strategy, but eh. It's the weekend. 

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some more holiday film detective work to complete before the night is out.

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Think about the first time you heard about content marketing and how it was going to be the answer to all of our revenue and lead generation problems. How’s that working out for you? Has growth in your traffic, leads, and sales got you quoting Mean Girls, saying “the limit does not exist”? Have you been able to jump onto an initial sales call and close a big deal in a matter of minutes? Were you able to solve world hunger? Here's the thing. Content marketing is still absolutely effective, but a lot has changed since it first hit the scene. In this article from IMPACT Content Trainer Brian Casey, learn precisely which solid gold content marketing strategies you need to retire in 2021.

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At IMPACT, we’re huge proponents of our customers taking the reins on their own marketing website and their future by producing and writing their articles, videos, you name it. That's because your content will always be more powerful and in-line with your goals, voice, and culture when it's created under your roof. Still, we realize it’s not an easy task. Moreover, there are definitely pros and cons to writing your own website versus having a professional writer do it. So, in this article from IMPACT Senior Front-end Developer Daniel Escardo, you'll discover exactly what the pros and cons are of writing your own website copy.

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To say that 2020 was a tough year for sales teams is a massive understatement. As companies slashed operating budgets, closed offices, and adjusted to working from home, sales teams were asked to transform their entire sales process and embrace virtual selling. The concept of “throwing out the playbook” doesn’t even begin to cover it. But what were the real tolls of the pandemic? And what did sales teams that were still able to thrive have in common? In this down-and-dirty summary from IMPACT HubSpot trainer Jess Palmeri, get the inside scoop on the trends of sales in the age of coronavirus, thanks to HubSpot's new data from 500 sales pros and leaders.

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It's a valid question. 🤔

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