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While SEO gives your site long-term ranking power, PPC ads can shoot your brand name right into search engines, above organic results. That’s because we can use precise targeting to show ads to very specific groups of people who are most likely in need of a roofing contractor, leading a high rate of qualified leads.

PPC marketing works on keyword bidding (we help choose keywords and the proper bid price) and quality score (which determines if your site is a good landing page for a given search). We fine-tune your campaigns as time goes on and we collect more data. We’ll ensure that the page that users arrive on speaks to their immediate needs, and that it makes it easy for them to find the information they’re looking for.

We’ll also help you take advantage of unique opportunities for roofers such as Google Local Services Ads. To participate in Google Local Service Ads, we’ll help you acquire the “Google Guarantee” that gives your business credibility and puts you at the top of search results. In this model, you pay per lead, not per click, making your marketing efforts that much more efficient.

1SEO is a Premier Google Partner, something that only a few of the most elite agencies in the country can claim. This means that our PPC specialists are certified in Google’s advertising products and that they’ve proven that they can get results for roofing contractors like you. They also participate in ongoing training to stay on the cutting edge of paid advertising.

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