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Queer Eye’s Bobby Berk has shared tips on how to make the most out of your work from home situation.

The talented interior designer encourages you to make your bed and find good lighting for your working space. He told Insider that having a virtual background is highly encouraged while having Zoom meetings. He has a series of WFH backgrounds that are available for download on his website.

However, if you choose not to have a background, Berk advises you to clean up so the room looks presentable online.

“The amount of time I’ve been on a call with people and their bed is just a disaster, and there are dishes on the nightstand and their closet door is opened and everything is hanging out,” Berk said. “Just make your bed.”

Finding a flattering light is also important, Berk said. Having low lighting is bad at a time when most meetings are conducted over Zoom. Bad lighting is bound to give you dark circles and cast shadows, he added.

“Nice, even light is going to make you look like you’ve got on a beautiful foundation covering all your flaws, and make your face look much more even,” Berk explained.

He recommends a bright, circular LED light that removes unwanted shadows. Alternatively, a right desk lamp can also be a good source of flattering lighting too. Berk suggests purchasing a lamp with a fabric shade that “evenly disperses the light.”

Berk also encourages you to purchase noise-canceling headphones and a good, comfortable chair so that you can work more effectively at home.

To learn more tips, head over to Insider.

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