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AI-generated photos of non-existent places trapped in heavy flooding and a wildfire. Images via This Climate Does Not Exist

Tragic as they are, the effects of climate change aren’t always visible to the masses. Habitats are disappearing, water bodies are clogging up, and ice caps are melting, but the fact that these places are so far from our windows makes it much easier to ignore a global problem. Too many reports of natural disasters around the world, however, have prompted AI researchers at Quebec AI Institute Mila to drive these matters right under people’s noses in hopes to incite action.

This Climate Does Not Exist, inspired by AI-generated imagery tools like the popular This Person Does Not Exist, imagines any place in the world potentially being at the mercy of the climate crisis. About 30 scientists were behind the project, and it took about two years for the website to finally be launched.

The results are sobering, because you’re finally witnessing those detrimental impacts in your own backyard. Inputting any address generates a Google Street View image of the area with realistic filters depicting heavy flooding, wildfires, or smog. The tool reminds you that not even your childhood home or favorite restaurant is spared.

This climate does not exist.https://t.co/NxMSbVJgqU uses AI to allow you to visualize the impacts of the climate crisis on any place on the planet.@mila_quebec#climatechange #climateaction #climatecrisis #flooding #ai #artificialintelligence #socialimpact #aiforgood pic.twitter.com/FATcqBUDfk

This Climate Does Not Exist · #AI tool that lets you imagine th impact of the climate crisis we face, one address at a time ..

A depth map was created to accurately apply the effects onto photos, envisioning the distance of pixels from the camera to scale floods, smoke, and fire accordingly. “Objects farther away [are] less clear than closer ones,” says the team.

The researchers acknowledge that although they’re computer scientists, and not climate scientists, they share “a keen interest in climate change and environmental impacts.”

“We have done our very best to gather credible sources from partners such as the Climate Action Network… and we want to use AI to make the world a better place,” the creators of This Climate Does Not Exist explain. Try it here.


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