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An agile and flexible workforce became all the more important with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic that took the world by storm this 2020. With most companies turning to work from home measures, it became ever so important to integrate the use of online networks and cloud services to do the day’s work. 

When working remotely, maximizing all the resources available is an utmost priority. This is why businesses looking for professional IT services for both consultancy and support can bank on remote IT support at a time like this. 

Remote IT support can offer technical computer assistance even with a geographical distance as everything is done remotely whether over the phone, email, or live chat with the technicians gaining remote access to your computer. There is a wide range of services they can help with such as product support, cloud support, managed services support, and installations and set up to name a few. Here is why remote IT support can be your best bet at IT services during the pandemic. 

Cost benefit

One of the costs being cut out entirely would be the travel expenses incurred during on-site visits. With communication easily available online, this is one of the costs that can be cut down. 

Can do work remotely; no need for face to face interaction 

In light of the pandemic where social distancing practices have to be maintained, a lot of companies have opted for a work from home set up. Having remote IT support can be a huge gain for the companies now utilizing work from home not just for convenience but for safety as well. 

Fast responses & better efficiency

When it comes to technical issues, it is vital that they be attended to immediately so it would not affect the workflow or cause bottlenecks. Remote IT support can be counted on in these scenarios, saving you the time it would take to call IT personnel. 

Moreover, experts say that as much as 90% of IT issues can be dealt with remotely, most especially software solutions. As remote IT support can offer faster solutions, it has become a preferred option for most companies. 

Better focus and productivity

Employees can get easily affected by distractions that can reduce their productivity. Taking out these issues as quickly as possible can mean less distraction for employees, leaving the staff to focus mainly on their tasks at hand to ensure productivity. 

Wider access to IT professionals

Having an in-house IT team or individual can mean that their expertise is limited to what they know. By using IT support services online, there is a bigger chance that there would be more skills and knowledge available as the technician can easily pass it to someone who is better trained for the scenario. 

Knowledge sharing 

Unlike with an IT personnel doing the troubleshooting alone, using remote IT personnel can take your employees through every step of the maintenance or repair. This can help them learn new knowledge and skills and may allow them to learn how to do it themselves should the same problem arise again. 

Many organizations often overlook remote IT support being readily available online. With the recent disruption in the status quo of the workplace due to the pandemic, it is the best time to reconsider the efficiency that comes with being online. 

With everyone going remote, don’t let your business get disrupted when you can get more connected. There is no better time to better your business online than now. Get a team of experts to help you get started in navigating through the digital landscape. iManila is contactable despite the pandemic. Reach us through our website, and drop us a question.

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