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5 Dependable Digital Marketing Trends for Small Businesses

While it is true that people are receiving more emails per day than ever before, there is still room in email marketing to impress your audience and create conversions. Not to mention, email marketing allows for comprehensive reporting capabilities so your team can gather the latest metrics to improve future campaigns.

These days Gmail mass email services are the key to a successful email marketing campaign. If you run a small business and are trying to start an email campaign without a mass email service—you won’t get very far. Email marketing requires a few features that can only be found in a mass email tool.

Personalization—for example—is absolutely necessary for any email marketing campaign. You have likely encountered personalization elements in your own inbox. You receive a message from a brand you have recently purchased from and the message includes your name, the product you purchased, and a suggestion for future purchase options discounts or some other incentive. By including your name in the message, you build trust in your recipient and you assure them that the message is intended for them. Mass emails without personalization are easily noticed by both recipients and the spam filter—meaning that sending out the exact same email thousands of times will definitely land you in the spam folder.

Luckily, with the help of a mass email tool, it is easy to personalize messages by executing a mail merge. A mail merge is a process where information from your address list is automatically input into hundreds, or even thousands of messages at once. In practice, that means that information collected for each recipient is input according to email address, creating effortless personalization for your next campaign.

One thing to remember about email personalization is that you shouldn’t 100% trust all of your messages are being sent out correctly. Just like any other kind of marketing material, it is important to test your messages before sending them. Your Gmail mass email service should have a test option that allows you to essentially preview each message on desktop and mobile before hitting send on the whole campaign. If you forget to test your message and there is an issue, you’ll have to send out a retraction message. For many small businesses, this is a worst-case scenario since it requires your audience to read yet another email and it can damage your brand.Overall, well-thought-out and personalized email marketing is an excellent way to reach your target audience. As long as you prioritize personalization and choose a Gmail mass email service that works for you, you will be well on your way to creating compelling email marketing campaigns.

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