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A professional Engineer that can help you and your businesses create a stunning website with an internet marketing strategy.


Running my own Wedding Planning Business had help me to master the need and the skills for a sound Internet Marketing Strategy and its implementation in such a competitive field.

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With an Internet Marketing Strategy in support. I am very competitive and I will include the first months support.


Phuket Engineering Consultant – based in Phuket and available throughout Asia

Welcome to PC Consulting Asia. I am Paul Cunliffe a Phuket Engineering Consultant and I have been based in Phuket full time since retiring from the Royal Air Force in 2008.

I have been a Chartered Engineer since 2002 and I also completed my MBA in the UK in 2006.  Throughout my 23 years in the Royal Air Force I received outstanding training plus the opportunity to implement it with experience of many different roles in many different cultures. I have continued to apply these skills and competences and I can help you achieve your strategic business goals.

If you are looking for a Phuket Engineering Consultant, please get in touch initially and lets discuss possible future opportunities together.

With a vast and varied career in the Royal Air Force, followed by a sabbatical in Phuket for a time, I have recently been involved in Diving Chamber Engineering Maintenance and Diving Patient care during Decompression Illness.  More recently, I have been working has an Executive Officer for a Finance & Property Company CEO. This continued in 2015 with a new similar role on the other side of the World but in a completely different industry as the Executive Officer to the CEO for Medical Hyperbarics Inc that finished in July 2016.

As of mid 2016, I now am concentrating on my professional consultancy on management & engineering issues with PC Consulting Asia. I am currently still an engineering consultant for SSS Recompression Chamber in Phuket while concurrently developing my skills and connections for more Social Media & Internet Marketing commissions.

In parallel, I also formed a prestigious event planning services company in and around Phuket – Unique Phuket Wedding Planners ( and with Wedding Celebrant Services provided ( This is supported by my talented partner Phuket Flowers by Toom (

However, I am still available for consulting or longer term commitments on management & engineering issues especially from a Project Management perspective. I am fully versed in Internet Marketing Strategy, Website and Social Media design & implementation.

So please get in touch today and see if we can together make a difference.


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