Wedding Ceremony Wine Box Ritual (what it is and how to do it) — Adelaide Marriage Celebrant Camille Abbott

Most of my couples are not dove/butterfly/ferret releasing kind of people.

Many are a bit uncomfortable being in the limelight on their wedding day and don't want over-the-top, grand gestures or anything said that's too soppy. That's when I tell them about the wine box ritual. I like to think of it as a time capsule with interest.

Let me explain..

The idea is that you buy a bottle of red wine or vintage champagne and a wooden bottle box from an art and craft store, your local bottle-o or (if you're feeling super handy) make one yourself.

On the morning of your wedding, you and your fiancé take 5 minutes to write on a card or in a letter what you love about each other and why you have chosen to get married.

Then, during your wedding ceremony, most commonly after the vows and exchange of rings, we perform the wine box ritual.

Here is an example of the wording for a short and simple wine box ritual:

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