Phuket Local Business Magazine 2019

Bikinis & Martinis Phuket Magazine Feature

A nice surprise to be asked to feature as a “Phuket Local: in the latest issue of the Bikinis & Martinis Phuket Magazine … Read More


No passport required: Phuket

No passport required: Phuket Immigration confirms ‘passport on person’ not required despite ’Operation X-Ray Outlaw Foreigner’ PHUKET: Phuket Immigration has confirmed there is no need for foreigners to carry their passports at all times, despite the ongoing ‘Operation X-Ray Outlaw … Read More

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Website Support Services

Website Support Services & Maintenance Paul is experienced in Website Support Services & the creation, design and building of small business websites.  Adept at social media marketing he is available to help with your Social Media Marketing strategy on a contractor … Read More