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TIME Magazine Reveals The ‘Most Influential’ Companies Of 2022 - Corporate B2B Sales & Digital Marketing Agency in Cardiff covering UK

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TIME Magazine has once again named 100 of the propellers that shape society’s ways of living and thinking, a yearly tradition recognizing “extraordinary impact” in the technology, healthcare, entertainment sectors, and more, around the world.

Usual suspects in the TIME100 Most Influential Companies list include “titans” Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet, Meta (formerly Facebook), Netflix, Disney, IBM, Walmart, and Nvidia. Healthcare giant Pfizer has also been acknowledged for “reducing risk” amid the blazing pandemic.

There are the “leaders” Spotify, for trailblazing the modern music industry; Airbnb, for being among the first to provide temporary housing for refugees around the world; Upwork, for leading the pack in helping individuals find flexible work; Calm, for providing mental health resources at users’ fingertips; Impossible Foods, for inspiring a meatless future; and Sotheby’s, for being the first major auction house to launch a virtual gallery in the metaverse and driving mainstream interest in non-fungible tokens.

Then there are “innovators” Rivian, for shaking up the EV industry; SoFi, for redefining banks; Moderna, for democratizing medical access; NoTraffic, for developing the first AI-powered traffic signal platform; Grammarly, for enabling users to write with more clarity; and Peanut, a social network aimed to connect women facing different stages of pregnancy.

Missing from the extensive lineup, though, is the headline-making Tesla—which in the past year has pulled its weight in the fields of energy and electric vehicles by launching a universal EV charger, supplying energy packs to California to counter wildfire outages, among other feats.

However, Tesla’s run-ins with authorities regarding its self-driving feature, wonky solar panels, and a feature allowing drivers to play in-car games while on the road could have penalized its shot at making the 2022 list. TheStreet also posits, half-jokingly, that since CEO Elon Musk was named the magazine’s Man of the Year in 2021, it might have decided to save the limelight for other deserving names.

Image via TIME

Triple covers for the special issue spotlight actor Mindy Kaling for her work as founder of media company Kaling International, which fights for representation for “the inner lives of women of color that have long been missing from TV”; Andy Jassey, successor to Jeff Bezos as Amazon CEO; and music producer Bang Si-Hyuk with the members of South Korean boyband BTS, standing in for their internationally groundbreaking talent agency HYBE (formerly Big Hit Entertainment).

You can check out the full list of 100 influential companies here.

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