There’s Now A Global Hotline For You To Call & Scream—Or Hear Others Do It - Corporate B2B Sales & Digital Marketing Agency in Cardiff covering UK

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2020 has been filled with bad news, and it might even make you want to scream out your frustrations. So, give +1 561 567 8431 a call.

This hotline is here for you to call and scream on the phone. It is even accompanied by a website, justscream.baby, where visitors can listen back to their own screams. It is updated daily, so you can also listen to the screams of other people.

The creator behind the project, Chris Gollmar, has given a few simple instructions on how to get screaming on the phone. He also assured that there isn’t a “live human on the other end of the line.”

First, dial the hotline, wait for the beep and scream. Once you’re done, simply hang up. Callers are also prompted to try doing it “in public, except not, perhaps, in a crowded theatre.”

The number will be active until 21 January 2021. Listen to the screams from yesterday here, or record yours by calling +1 561 567 8431 now.

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