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While I understand that people are afraid to come off as pushy in their follow-ups, I’m of the belief that they just need to get over it. Here’s why.

There’s a common saying in sales that goes, “The fortune is in the follow-up.” The reason this is common wisdom is because it’s true. The problem is people don’t like doing follow-ups. There’s so much resistance to the idea of following up that I sometimes have to ease coaching clients into it because they are so terrified.

Here are some common reasons you may not hear back from a potential lead:

People Are Busy.

If you’re afraid of coming off as spammy and pushy in your follow-ups, I’m about to explain why that logic doesn’t even make sense.

Do you have any idea how many things are vying for peoples’ attention in their inboxes? A lot. The chances of your email getting lost or forgotten under a massive pile of other emails or text responses is pretty high.

Additionally, life happens and people are busy. Not everyone is on top of their email or text game like you may be. Not only that, but what if they were traveling or got sick? All of these things could lead to someone not responding to you which is why follow ups are so important.

People Need To Hear From You An Average Of 5 Times.

Another reason why follow ups are so important is because people will need to hear from you an average of seven times before they finally decide to purchase something from you.

That’s right. Five.

That means that sending an email or text message once is not enough . It also means that if they don’t respond the first time it doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t interested. Like I said, maybe they’re just busy. Or, maybe they just haven’t heard from you enough yet which is why you need to remain consistent with follow ups. I already gave a clear cut example of how leaving leads “in your box” could potentially cost you thousands of dollars. Following up is not a hard task in itself – but it is a task that needs to be done consistently.

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Consistent Follow-Ups Will Put You Ahead Of The Game.

This means that if you stay consistent with your follow-ups then you’re already ahead of half the people you may be competing with. You know what that means? The more you follow up, the more you increase your chances of making money.

Final Thoughts.

Once you look at how follow-ups work in a sales funnel and the data to support them, you quickly realize that follow-ups are an important part of making money in your business. Don’t make the mistake of leaving money on the table because you’re too afraid to follow up.

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