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If you need to set up a new system to handle your email marketing here’s my take on the best email marketing tools right now. I evaluate email management systems in several ways.

Which tool is best for building an e-mail list?best email marketing tools graphic

If I were starting from absolute scratch for an email list and did NOT need also a shopping cart I would probably go with the free Aweber. But I think any of these three will serve you, depending on your business needs. 

I do not recommend using Mail Chimp or Constant Contact.

Turning to another type of tool, I have used and love Missinglettr since it first came out. This is a tool that links to your blog posts and automatically shares your blog post out over your social media channels for an entire year. It’s a great way to get more traffic to your website. (This is my affiliate link.) If you are keeping your blog up to date this is an excellent tool to use and in my opinion is worth the cost. 

Now, however, Missinglettr is launching a new tool called Postbox. It provides you with links to high quality content that you can share out to your social followers and to your readers automatically. Right now if you are a Missinglettr user they are offering a very low cost pre-launch deal of $49 for the year. I will probably use Postbox at that price, but next year if the cost goes substantially higher I will cancel it. It can be a great help in finding good content to share at the $49 yearly price, though. Sometimes you just have to try a new tool and see if it’s worth your time or not.

Remember, all business is an experiment! And nothing stays the same as time goes by, either. It's a good thing to evaluate what email system you are using, which I recommend doing annually. Click To Tweet

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