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Stüssy Unveils Surf-Inspired Shibuya Store That’s A Tropical Oasis All Year - Corporate B2B Sales & Digital Marketing Agency in Cardiff covering UK

Nestled in the corner of the hustling metropolitan Shibuya streets in Tokyo, a low black building’s large-paneled glass offers passersby a glimpse into a beachfront surf oasis, almost like a large-scale art installation in the city. The Stüssy Shibuya Chapter joins the brand’s network of Chapter concept stores in multiple locations, currently spanning Japan and China.

Luscious plants and greenery peek out from behind straw and light wood sculptures and paneling in the space designed by Perron-Roettinger. The design firm was the brains behind the store’s Nagoya, Kyoto, and Shanghai Chapter locations, as well as the London and Milan stores.

Shibuya Chapter’s open, airy space is hued with dollops of light green, blues, and grays, alongside galvanized metal and stainless-steel mirror finishes. Elements are arranged so that customers can find their own way around the surf-shop-inspired space, rather than following a prescribed linear route.

On the shop floor also live marble planters in a deep green marble to match the palette, and a family of Tiki Totems, a homage to Stüssy’s Californian surfing roots. “We’re also trying to build iconography into each store,” Will Perron tells Dezeen.

“The DNA of Stüssy, particularly the early T-shirt graphics era, used a lot of tiki references. I thought it’d be great to modernize and hybrid it with a postmodern geometry. It also has a bit of a sense of humor and gives the store some identity.”

Besides the seasonal pieces displayed prominently on the store’s open displays, you’ll also be able to find some highly-sought-after Stüssy collaborations (such as the Cactus Plant Flea Market pieces) and an exclusive Shibuya Chapter tee.

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