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Revenue from Facebook Ads will be more than halved thanks to App Tracking Transparency and the digital privacy war started by Apple?

According to Mark Zuckerberg, thats is
What if he is right in saying that?

3rd party cookies… GONE.
Hyper targeted Ads… GONE.
Ad Costs up... X2 or X3 or ++

Re-marketing Audiences... LIMITED TO 7 DAYS

The digital world we live in is in the midst of a major disruption but in our heart-of-hearts, we know that digital privacy is a good thing, if not for us, then certainly for our peeps who are fed up with intrusive Ads being shoved in their faces.

That doesn’t make growing our businesses any easier. In fact, we may feel like David stepping into the ring with Goliath only this time with one hand tied behind our back.

Here’s a fact…

The iOS 14 update is sure to bring chaos. The resulting exodus of unhappy Facebook advertisers will flee into the willing arms of other platforms.

But it will also bring opportunities for those who are ahead of the curve.

We get to choose which side we want to be on.

The reality is today, that just about every man, woman and child online believes these three things…

FIRST… They must have a sales funnel.

Every half-decent business owner has one or more. It’s odds on our competitors do too.

Simply having a funnel is no longer enough in any market. It’s a given. It doesn’t make you stand-out, get attention or turn a visitor into a buyer.

It’s never been easier to set up one up. There are more training courses and YouTube videos on this topic than you can shake a stick at.

Not to mention all the drag and drop software solutions out there and the wealth of WordPress plugins and page builders which make funnel building a doddle.

Truth is ... If you want to stand out, online tricks, techniques and hacks no longer cut it (if they ever did).

SECOND… People believe that optimising a funnel is a linear process.

Start at one end and each time we improve a step, everything downstream is going to become that much more efficient at doing what it’s supposed to do.


Your funnel does not operate in isolation. There are a lot of other factors that affect its performance. You, for instance; Or the theme driving your messaging; Or the speed at which a page loads; Or the audience you are targeting.

The truth of the matter is that funnels are a circular system. Optimise one piece and the constraint moves somewhere else and that may not be the next step upstream.

AND THIRD… People have been led to believe that marketing on Facebook is all about targeting when really it’s about getting the messaging right.

It’s about the conversations in people’s minds and meeting them where they are - connecting with them, helping them move forward and increasing their awareness of the solutions and outcomes available to them.

The right messaging positions your business and takes it to a whole new level.

The businesses that succeed in the era of digital privacy, which BTW is only now just picking up speed, realise that offering a remarkable product with a great story is far more important and more profitable than doing what everyone else is doing only a little bit better.

BTW, that’s pretty much word for word what one of my mentors, Seth Godin, has to say on the subject.

Stories mean business.

How about you?

If you got sucked in by any one or all of these three false beliefs, I did too and for years. That is until I pulled my head out of my *ss and saw the light.

Meanwhile it was pretty frustrating because I was meticulously following a process that I was told would work but it didn’t despite everyone telling me I was doing fine.

Then they said it was a mindset issue. That I was somehow sabotaging my own success. It had nothing to do with their method. The fact is that the devil is in the detail.

It’s not about what we’re doing.
It’s about the way we approach it.

I guess we’ve all had similar experiences.


Can you honestly say that right now you have a proven, reliable, and predictable process for delivering a marketing message that gets attention and generates lots of new clients?

By building goodwill, creating repeat customers and doing so without being obnoxious in any way...

And will continue to do so, even after the IOS 14.5 shoe drops?

If writing about your expertise and experience is something you love to do, I have an invitation that may interest you. It all about how you can get your messaging right and position your business to succeed in the era of digital privacy.

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