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Bitcoin has been a hot topic for years in the online community, in the past year it has come to the attention of the mainstream and has really taken off. Just over a year ago, in October 2019 a new bitcoin forex trading company hit the scene. Unlike usual bitcoin trading companies, this one has an optional binary commission earning plan. Binary compensation plans are in my opinion, 1 of the very worst ways to earn and this one is no different. Not only do you only earn on your weakest leg in a binary plan, with Mirror Trading International you only earn 10% and it's based upon you have at least 1 active Representative on each leg. Binary compensation plans have you literally jumping back and forth to try to balance your legs which isn't a productive way to build a business. I believe that scammers developed the binary schemes to combat the stigma that many people place on pyramids. Because there are only 2 legs, how can it be a pyramid, it can't but that doesn't make it any better. I'm not saying that the Mirror Trading International company from South Africa isn't legit or a scam, just that I don't like the binary business compensation plan. What do you think, is Mirror Trading International a scam? The below Mirror Trading International Reviews on YouTube should assist us all in learning more in order to make a more informed decision. Me, myself, I choose not to get involved and will keep my bitcoin in my CoinPayments Wallet for now.

Top 10 Mirror Trading International Reviews on YouTube Video

Did You watch the Mirror Trading International Reviews above? Have You decided, is Mirror Trading International a Scam or Legit? Have you ever been a member of a company that has a binary compensation plan and/or pyramid? Which do you prefer or are You like me and prefer Affiliate Marketing instead? Comment below with your questions, concerns, testimony and/or experience with the Mirror Trading International opportunity etc……

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