Louis Vuitton Splashes Tokyo’s Shopping Heart In Visuals With Fluid Store Design - Corporate B2B Sales & Digital Marketing Agency in Cardiff covering UK

Image via Louis Vuitton Japan

Having closed for renovations for three years, it looks like things at Louis Vuitton’s Ginza Namiki flagship store will finally turn out swimmingly. The outlet, located in Tokyo’s prime shopping district, has been stunningly revamped by architects Jun Aoki and Peter Marina to embody a body of water.

Dripping in dazzling aesthetics, the seven-story glass building features a rippling, iridescent exterior of dichroic film that appears differently based on how it catches light or where you are standing, much like the reflections of water.

The same fluid motions are depicted indoors, most especially with a meandering oak staircase supported with flowy sculptured glass.

The Ginza Namiki flagship location is also home to Le Café V Tokyo, the world’s second Louis Vuitton café.

Get washed over in awe with images of the new store design.

Image via Louis Vuitton Japan


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