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The pandemic and the lockdowns it has created as a result have all meant that everybody’s lives and the way we run our days have changed. People have stopped doing certain activities and habits, some have ventured into new hobbies and some people have completely changed the way they live.

So, as we gradually come out of lockdown, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to look at some habits and activities we have started due to the pandemic that we think we will continue afterward.

Here is what the A Team had to say when asked – “What habits have you picked up during the pandemic that you think you’ll continue to do afterward?”:

“Back when we were only allowed one person to go in the supermarket, it sometimes meant that my other half was doing the shopping unsupervised (!) and he would typically come back with way more things than we needed. So I started planning our meals and writing the shopping list in advance each week, which means we’ve really cut down on food waste and the cupboards are much more spacious!”

“Throughout the pandemic, I have taken up watching every single factual documentary on Netflix, everything from plant-based diets for athletes to the import of illegally cut non-authentic honey.”

“In the first lockdown I did couch to 5K I think (feels like ages ago) so that’s something! I’ve gone back to the gym now, and it’s made me feel loads better. Getting outside more just for a walk definitely became a habit that is here to stay.”

Person stood by vegetables, lines of carrots and courgettes“I have always loved being outdoors, but never really kept my own veggie garden. During the first lockdown, I decided I would give it a go and the results were fantastic. There were lots of tomatoes, carrots, kale, courgettes, cucumbers, cabbages, runner beans and so much more, all of which we ate for dinner!

So, this year I have set off the first seedlings, with some plants already in the ground. This is definitely something I will strive to do year after year.

Food definitely does taste better when it is homegrown 🥕🥦”

“I have a habit of shaving my own head, if and when I feel like it, with zero consultation with any of my family, my girlfriend, or my barber. Will I carry on? Most probably.

I have also developed an activity of drinking at home and not having a night out as an excuse to have a few bevvies and save money. Will I carry that on? Most definitely.”

“Since the schools reopened during the last lockdown I have been walking the kids to school in the morning. This allows me to spend more time with them, get some fresh air before work, and is definitely something that would like to continue after all the restrictions have been lifted 👨‍👧‍👦”

“As for what I’ve started doing more during COVID and will continue to do, I would say walking around where I live with my dogs and girlfriend. 😄”

So what do you think you’ll continue after all the chaos of the pandemic has eased?

One thing is for sure, the A Team will be out and about more whether they are cycling, walking, or gardening!

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